Working with us

Being in the service industry, we understand that positive customer experiences are the most important drivers of growth.

We have an open and transparent culture, and a spirit of entrepreneurship is encouraged among our people. The shipping and logistics industry is an action-packed one, which calls for the right balance of proactive thinking, acting fast in challenging situations, and taking ownership.

One of the things that have worked great for us over the years is the fact that we have been risk-takers, and have always relished taking on new challenges head-on. We have stumbled sometimes, but have always learnt our lessons, picked ourselves up, and surged forward with renewed focus and vigour. No wonder, we have continued to remain profitable even during the difficult times of the industry.

As for continuous learning, at Seaways we believe that on-the-job training is the best way to do that. This is supplemented by more structured training programmes.

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