Message from GM - HR

T. Subramanyam

Group General Manager - HR

We operate in a highly competitive industry with low entry barriers and very little differentiation in terms of the services offered. While many companies claim that their people are their biggest asset, we at Seaways believe that the proof of the pudding lies in the eating.

Employee engagement is usually defined as the emotional commitment the employee has with the organization and its goals. It is a sense of great pride for us that a significant number of our employees have been with the organization for a very long time – ranging from 10 – 25 years! Evidence that the company takes care of them, while they take care of our customers!

In Seaways, you will pleasantly find that there is a flat hierarchy and very little bureaucracy, which enables us to anticipate and respond to the needs of our customers and other key stakeholders, swiftly.

Today, after an exciting journey of over 30 years, Seaways is poised for faster growth, propelled by the passion and hard work of our human capital. With a strong Management Team, robust structures and systems, innovation, teamwork and collaboration, and highly committed employees, the future has immense possibilities.

Join us to discover “The Power of One” and get set for a wonderful journey in the fast growing shipping and logistics industry. T. Subramanyam

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