Message from GM - HR


A journey of about 3 decades, Seaways has affirmed its leadership position in the distinct brand as a trusted and reliable provider of logistics solutions spanning diverse service offerings. At this important stage, Seaways is poised for growth and expansion significantly. Employees have been our asset and are the key drivers for this growth and expansion of the organisation.

Seaways commitment towards executing the business in an honest and ethical manner and by upholding its commitment to customers, Seaways is consistently regarded as an exciting organisation by employees, clients and consumers.

We believe that the best employees make a great difference in the organisation. Our resilience has been tested over a period of time and while we continually adjust to new challenges with utmost care, empathy and sensitivity for our employees. The strong leadership team of the company is committed to drive employee-friendly, supportive culture along with the ideals of fairness, transparency, and humanity.

Seaways focuses on continuous improvement plans for implementing best-in-class people procedures to unleash the potential of each person, prepare them for the future, and propel the company to success. The primary areas of HR's focus will be career growth for the right personnel and employee development for all.

Being an employee at Seaways Group entitles a sense of belongingness in a community that is incredibly safe, welcoming, supporting, and productive, where every employee is encouraged to learn and develop in a rapidly changing business environment.

It is an exciting journey with “Seaways Group”. We continuously invite talented professionals to participate in our ever-evolving “splendid place to work” aspirations.

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