Corporate Policies
The various corporate policies listed under this section govern the actions of the company – both within the company and with all the third parties. These policies reflect the principles, values, and ethics that Seaways is committed to, towards its employees, customers, vendors and other third parties.
1. Policy on Determining Materiality of Information
2. Policy on Determining Material Subsidiaries
3. Vigil Mechanism Whistle Blower Policy
4. Policy for Evalution of Directors & key Managerial Personnel & Other
5. Policy for Materiality of Related Party Transactions & on dealing with
6. Policy on Diversity of Board of Directors
7. Policy on Preservation of Documents
8. Risk Management Plan
9. Code of Internal Procedures & Conduct for Regulating, Monitoring & Reporting
10. Standard terms and conditions of appt of IDs
11. Sexual Harassment Policy
12. Anti Bribery & Anti Corruption Policy