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Shortage of trucks

The lack of truckers isn't typical for logistical issues faced by shippers, to put it simply. This is a matter that's beyond their control. In the US, the trucking shortage problem has grown worse since the enactment of the ELD mandate in December last year, which has caused trucking supply to become scarce and causing supply chains to enter an almost-partial stalemate as a consequence.

When there is a shortage of trucks, the prices of ocean freight rise in a normal market reaction, the capacity decreases, and the demand rises, which causes rates to increase. As shippers, you'll be forced to pay a premium to find a trucker or be affected by disruptions in the supply chain. The possibility of rerouting cargo using different routes or ports, planning your shipment ahead of time, and making a contingency plan are a few ways to prevent delays because of shortages in trucking.

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