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Shipping high-seasons during shipping

Similar to other industries, shipping also has its own peak time when the need for services like ocean shipping rises. This affects not only the capacity of the vessel and the supply chain but also freight rates.

The peak season is from July through November/December, when businesses around the globe begin making their products ready to sell during the holiday season. Consequently, shipping companies increase their freight rates at the start of the peak season to meet the increased demand for their goods and services. In some cases, there may be a surcharge for peak seasons. It could also be imposed to cover the additional logistical demands required to cater to the escalating demand.

Other seasons of high sea freight that you should be aware of are unique to China, the second-largest exporter. The months in which Chinese New Year (anytime in January or February) and National Day Golden Week (first week of October) fall are complicated since China's sales and production activities come to a complete stop. This is a significant impact on supply chains across the globe every year.

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