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Extra ocean freight costs

There is no way to anticipate delays costs like demurrage or detention costs and fees incurred from customs inspections. These fees are not included in the container shipping cost; however, they could significantly impact your overall shipping costs.

Although these costs are generally beyond the shipper's control, there are some ways that the shipper could take to minimize the risk of being liable for them. First, it is essential to ensure that all documentation is correct and on time. Even the tiniest snags in your documents could trigger alarms, prompting customs officials to determine to examine your shipment. It could happen at the point of origin and the point of delivery. Ensuring that you are dotted with all the 'i's and 't's crossed will significantly decrease the chance of your shipment being detained to be inspected and incurring delays and fees.

Preparing your shipment ahead of time is another method of avoiding paying these additional costs since it gives you the time to prepare your product. In addition, you will have plenty of time cushion to allow for flexibility with the dates of your delivery that helps you avoid any other aspects like the high season and shortages in trucking.

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