Seaways FTWZ offers numerous benefits to importers and exporters and re-exporters allowing them to reduce their logistics costs; save time and improve bottom lines. 
Benefits to Importers:
  • Duty free storage:Store cargo for up to 5 years duty free. Free up your working capital with duty deferment.
  • Just-in-time delivery: Cut down on the delivery lead time by storing your cargo nearer to consumption centers. Meet your forecasted as well as unforeseen demand surges.
  • Stock & sale:Allows your customers to visit the FTWZ to inspect cargo and purchase directly from the FTWZ 
  • Vendor managed Inventory:FTWZ can ramp up or ramp down your inventory storage space at very short notice as per your changing requirements
  • Value added services: Labeling, packaging, kitting, invoicing, bundling, etc. customized to Indian markets 
  • Consolidation hub: Enjoy the benefits of economies of scale by consolidating the cargo before pan-India distribution
  • Multiple tax benefits: 4% upfront SAD exemption on imports through FTWZ and other tax benefits
  • Trade & transact in Forex: You have the flexibility to trade and transact in free convertible currency 
  • Quality control before duty payment:Avoid duty payment on rejected / damaged goods and reduce reverse logistics costs. Re-export the rejected goods without regulatory / duty implications.
  • Faster Customs clearance:On site, 24x7, dedicated Customs clearance for FTWZ clients with simplified documentation and procedures. 
Benefits to Re-exporters:
  • Strategically located hub for regional distribution: Distribution made easy to South Asian markets including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Middle East countries. MNCs catering to these markets can consolidate their cargo at Seaways FTWZ to reduce their logistics costs. Service tax is also exempted at FTWZ.
  • Tax Benefits:
    • Customs and stamp duty exemption on re-exports from FTWZ
  • Value added services: VAS activities can be performed without paying any service tax for the same. These include re-labelling, re-packaging, painting, bottling, kitting, bundling, re-invoicing, etc.   
Benefits to Exporters:
  • Export consolidation:Reduce costs by consolidating your products from different parts of India before exporting. Consolidated exports are much less expensive than individual shipments.  
  • Quality control before duty payment:Reduce reverse logistics costs by having quality control at Seaways FTWZ than in US/Europe distribution centers. QC is much more expensive in western countries as compared to India.   
  • Value Added Services:  Tagging, labelling, invoicing, packaging, painting, bundling, bottling, etc. in Seaways FTWZ where they are much less expensive than in US/Europe distribution centers. Further, these services are exempted from local taxes including CST, Excise and VAT. 
  • Faster Export Drawback:  Claim your drawback as soon as goods enter the Seaways FTWZ as they are considered deemed exports.